How it started

Meet Sophia Gould, the mastermind behind Rocky Tales Inc. Raised among the rhythm of waves and whispers of trees, Sophia's childhood was a symphony of music and tales. Leaving behind the shores of Newfoundland, she ventured to Alberta's mountains, where toques and plaid shirts became her signature attire in every season.

Rocky Tales is your gateway to an authentic and sustainable journey, where every story is a celebration of the Rocky Mountains' beauty and the spirit of adventure.


As ambassadors for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, we embrace the ski bum spirit. It symbolizes our commitment to creating an unmatched experience for visitors, acting as a bridge between the mountains' soul and those seeking the thrill and beauty on our snow-covered peaks.

Beyond the slopes, Rocky Tales produces written, auditory, and visual content that aligns with our emphasis on effective communication, storytelling, and multimedia production.

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rocky tales CEO sophia gould musician

Plans for
the future

Exciting adventures await! Rocky Tales has fun future projects in the pipeline, promising more captivating tales and immersive experiences in the heart of the Rockies.

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"When I'm outside, I'm the best version of myself" - CEO, Sophia Gould